Troubleshooting FAQ.


What kind of problem are you facing?

  • I keep getting disconnected back to the main menu.

  • I’m getting bad performance.

  • The game doesn’t start.


I keep getting disconnected back to the main menu.

There are multiple reasons why you are getting disconnected back to the lobby.

Unstable network.

One reason could be because of a unstable network. Our current networking solution kicks players from the connection after a certain amount of packet loss. People using wifi with a bad connection or a mobile connection to the internet do get this problem a lot.
- Try optimizing your connection by placing your access points in a better location.
- Try switching to a cabled connection if you use WIFI.


Easy Anti Cheat error.

Another reason could be because there is an issue with EAC on your machine. This could be either a bad installation or a antivirus or other injecting software that might be causing issues for you.

To check if it’s a bad installation, you can try reinstalling EAC.
To install/re-install EAC, you will need to navigate to the "Easy Anti Cheat" folder in your Onward install directory. Inside the EAC folder will find the installer for EAC (EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe), run it as an administrator. then click :
- Uninstall EAC (if applicable)
- If Steam installation, verify game files, otherwise fully uninstall and re-install
- Install EAC from game directory
- Restart PC

Too see if any other software might be interfering with EAC, you can try disabling software running in the background. Software like antiviruses might be interfering with EAC as well. We don’t recommend you to turn of any antivirus software, but whitelisting Onward should be good enough.

If you still get issues with EAC kicking you, please submit a ticket here or look for other solutions here.


I’m getting bad performance.

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The game doesn’t start.

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