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CALL TO ARMS! Charity streaming event.

We're proud to announce we'll be partnering with Stack-Up.org, Offworld Industries, and Periscope Games to bring you a day of FPS action! Featuring Squad, Post Scriptum, and Onward, this Veteran's Day, Sunday, November 11, from 1 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time is our chance to give back to the veterans that dedicated their lives to service.

We’ll have a Free weekend this Weekend as well as a sale of 40% off!

Join us on the stream or Donate now! https://tiltify.com/+squad-up-4-stack-up/squad-up-for-stack-up-2018"

Stream AMA, Ask anything!

During the stream Dante will be doing a Quick AMA where he will be answering your Onward related questions.

Be sure to submit your questions in the google form HERE