Hello everyone, MrDeath reporting to you with our monthly sitrep!

Welcome to our fourteenth sitrep!

In this months sitrep we look back at the revamped maps that were added in patch v1.6.8 and are providing a form for the community to leave feedback on those maps. We’ll also be showcasing some of the new models and textures for gear in update v1.7. Custom Map support will be coming soon, and we are looking for beta testers to give us feedback on our SDK as well be the first to release custom maps on 1.7s launch; a sign up sheet is located below. And last but not least we are announcing our 2nd Community Contest, where players can compete for special prizes, more details below.

Onward just got more maps!


With the recent v1.6.8 patch we re-released the maps Snowpeak, Abandoned and Jungle!
This update also brought night time variants of Abandoned and Snowpeak, and a brand new map called ‘Turbine’. Turbine takes place on a hydroelectric dam during the day; it’s an interesting large scale map that includes plenty of close quarters areas as well.

Take a look at our patch 1.6.8 release video!
Special thanks to MantisVR for making a great trailer!

We really hope you enjoyed these maps and we’d love to hear your feedback on them. If you have any feedback you wish to share with us, please click here to leave your feedback on a google form.

If you have any other suggestions you’d like to share with us, feel free to join our Discord server by clicking here.


New models and textures for player gear.

The Downpour art team has been hard at work improving some of the visuals of player equipment for update v1.7 coming later this year. There are new materials for gear like helmets, night vision and more. Take a look!

Mouse over the pictures for more info!


In case you missed the earlier showcased gear and equipment destined to release with v1.7. Take a look at the slideshow below.

Custom Map Support

We are looking for beta testers!

Ever thought about playing Onward in any map you could imagine? Do you want to build your own realistic, mil-sim oriented map? It’s time for you to polish your Unity map making skills, because you’ll soon be able to create your own maps for Onward. Custom map support is in progress, and will be available later this year!

Click here to apply for early access to the custom map support SDK, and work directly with the downpour team on improving it.

Community contest!


Get your asses in gear for the Community Contest!


Welcome to our second Community Contest!

In this contest we task you to think and report new and exciting locations for uplink objectives and spawn locations on both the uplink and assault gamemodes. To give you an idea of what the current locations already are, here’s a google drive link with all the maps with their current locations : [click here]

The goal of this contest is for us to add in new interesting spawn and objective locations reported from the community, especially our competitive community, into existing maps. You guys have thousands of hours in game with plenty of experience, and your suggestions on balanced objectives and spawns will make Onwards gameplay even better.

You have until November 15th to submit your objective and spawn locations! Winners will receive not only Onward gear like these dogtags, Onward Velcro patches, and an Onward shirt, but they will get their submitted objective locations implemented into the game!

Email your submissions to, winners will be announced early December!


Downpour is hiring QA Quest testers!

We’ll be needing QA testers for the Quest port and have an open signup form. Are you interested in joining our Quest QA testers? Please fill out this form!


Community spotlight.


The YouTuber ‘KarmaKut’ showcases Onward’s immersive COOP experience, take a look!


The YouTuber ‘Nano’ shares his secrets on how to become the best marksman in Onward.


X_CaliberVR made a mixed reality film using Onward! check it out!


Merch Store.

Want to support us and get some Onward gear? check out our merch store!

Click HERE for the merch store.

That’s a wrap on the monthly sitrep for September!

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