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Welcome to our eleventh sitrep!

In this sitrep we will be teasing new content from v1.6, now known as the ‘Reloaded’ update, showcasing some recent pictures and videos from the community and… something else?

Update v1.6 now known as ‘Reloaded’

Releasing this month.

We are in the final development stages of the Reloaded Update, and are pleased to announce that the Reloaded update will release this month!

New Additions

Virtual gunstock Mode

We have recently been working on getting a new feature into Onward that’ll allow users with Inside-Out-Tracked VR setups to accurately aim and enjoy the game, called “Virtual Gunstock Mode”. There can be tracking deadzones with Inside-Out-Tracked VR headsets, and without this option players can sometimes lose track of their dominant hand when aiming. We’ve been working hard to get a new type of Virtual Gunstock feature into Onward to solve this problem. We’ll reveal more information as we get closer to release.

Improved WMR support

For WMR devices we’ve made controller keybinds more intuitive.

Index controller support

The Index controllers will also be officially supported in Onward upon release. Picking up objects and interacting with weapons and equipment will still be the same as before, but you will now be able to move every finger individually when your hands aren’t holding things.

SteamVR input rebinding support

For people who might want to customize their input, you will soon be able to rebind all of Onward's input commands in SteamVR in v1.6. This also allows us to support many new devices and control schemes, such as with Windows Mixed Reality.

Progress Images and Videos

watch inside.png
watch outside.png

The v1.6 update will contain these major features :

  • New animation system, improved running animation and a new crawling animation

  • More realistic eyes on the player models

  • New map : Turbine

  • Better lighting / realtime shadows

  • Performance improvements

  • A complete new revisit to the visuals of the existing maps

  • New models for the AK12, and M16A4

  • New model for the watch, plus the option to have it on your underside of your wrist

  • New red dot sights, Aimpoint and PKA-S

  • A new killhouse course in the Shootingrange

  • Better support for WMR controllers

  • A virtual gunstock option

  • Index controller support


Soon after the release of the Reloaded update we’ll focus on the other features that were initially planned for v1.6

  • Blood decals

  • Newly reworked and improved scopes

  • More players slots in Operations lobbies and Improved AI and more additions to COOP

  • workshop support

  • Ammo box for support classes


What’s on the horizon for Onward?

We have a MAJOR announcement in early June you don’t want to miss!

Stay tuned for the latest Onward news!


Community spotlight.

Unofficial Onward Film Crew discord group

Interested in some wholesome community-building non-league related fun between seasons? Join the 'film crew' discord! The film crew will be making machinimas/skits for players new and old to enjoy, everything from red vs blue to monty python to top 5 plays (and anything else we can think of!)

The crew are looking for enthusiastic actors & cameramen who are happy to turn up on time, follow instructions and help make awesome & entertaining video content, finished videos will be featured in the monthly sit-reps & VRespawn for the whole Onward community to enjoy!
Join now!

Below is a video guide for those taking part in the first film crew video; drone racing!


Player ‘Deus ex Nihilo’ shows off his gear while playing Onward in style


And also check out player ‘Deus ex Nihilo’ mocking our pre v1.6 animations :o


Player TheLenzSeesAll shares an iconic moment


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This was the monthly sitrep for May!

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