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Welcome to our ninth sitrep!

In this sitrep we'll announce a quick and sudden ESL match, share some visuals of what you can expect in v1.6, talk about the current social gamemode in rotation and take a look at some recent videos from the community.

VR league season 3 kicks off in Katowice!


This Sunday you’ll be able to watch the top 2 Onward VRML teams fight on the VR League event by ESL!

You will be able to watch Globochem and Beginners fight in the following links.
YouTube link -
Twitch link -
Facebook link -

The upcoming update v1.6 AKA “the pretty update”

Now that the Onward has established the majority of it’s core features, we’ll move onto the game’s next phase, which will be highly focused on graphics and visuals. We’ve been working and preparing for v1.6 for a long time now, and to give you an idea on where the game is headed, we are sharing some concept images our maps in this update.

We’ll not only be focusing on improving the overall lighting, but we’re going through all of the existing maps and making them more detailed and visually appealing. You can see the planned changes for Downfall, with terrain, foliage, and interior updates. An upcoming map called Turbine, is also featured below. It’ll be a medium sized map with a full scale dam for you to explore. You’ll be able to use stairs and elevators to enter the dam.

Note: Concept Images

We’re also continually improving and replacing the weapon models in game. Shown below is the new model for the AK12. This weapon features a new and helpful magazine with see through slots for easier ammo management. The weapons we’re going to be replacing and improving next will be the G3 and the G3 auto, M16A4, as well as the Commando 522.

If you missed our last sitrep, here are the major announced features for update v1.6!

  • New animation system, improved running animation and a new crawling animation

  • Blood decals

  • At least 2 new maps

  • Better lighting / realtime shadows

  • Audio rework on all existing maps

  • A complete new revisit to the visuals of the existing maps

  • More players slots in Operations lobbies and many other improvements

  • New models for the commando 522, AK12, G3, and M16A4

  • Newly reworked and improved scopes

Current social gamemode.

The current social gamemode is One in the Chamber! In this gamemode the player has to fight to survive with only one bullet in the chamber. If you miss, you will have to use your knife to kill your opponent. The last to survive wins the match!

This gamemode will continue to be playable until the tenth of March.

In a recent patch we reworked how social modes are rotated. Previously a social mode was always active, and the current mode rotated once every two weeks. Now, a new social mode will activate on the first Friday of every month, and last for ten days, before deactivating again. The time left until the next social mode, and the time left in the current social mode is displayed in game. This change was implemented to place more emphasis on our core game modes.

Community spotlight.

Mamut VR gunstock
reboot - ‘Mamut Apto’

Mamut VR reboots their Magnet Stock with 'Mamut Apto'!
Supporting Vive Wands and Oculus Rift Touch controllers with magnets on top, bottom or both, along with Valve Knuckles (top mount) and Oculus Quest Touch controllers (bottom).
Complete with Mamut's own designed injection molded plastic parts, carbon fiber tubes and Neodymium magnets. Production has started the 22nd of February, and shipment of pre orders are estimated for second half of April.

Get yours here.


Take a look at MantisVR’s new skit about the hand gestures of v1.5!


The Gaming Discourse reviewed the v1.5 update.


ProTubeVR’s new force feedback recoil kit goes live on kickstarter! - ‘ForceTubeVR’

The ForceTubeVR features impact simulation/kick and rumble effects. It uses a proper wireless communication gateway which allows signal transmissions from computer or game console.

ForceTubeVR is already compatible with each of the following Hardware:
- HTC Vive
- Oculus Rift and the future Oculus Quest
- Acer/Lenovo
- Samsung Odyssey
- Pimax 8k, 5k+

ForceTubeVR is likely to get future console HMD compatibility, however it will depends according to the crowdfunding results. We are here raising money on Kickstarter to step up on the industrial side and provide the best VR experience ever made.

Are you interested and would you like to help ProTubeVR make this product possible? make sure to pledge your part in their Kickstarter!
As of writing, the kickstarter isn’t live yet. To stay updated make sure to follow ProTubeVR’s twitter!

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