Hey guys, MrDeath here!

Welcome to our eighth sitrep! This sitrep post was put on hold for an extra week due the release of v1.5.

In this sitrep we'll talk about the release of update v1.5, what to expect in update v1.6, take a look at some of the recent videos from the community.

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Update v1.5 released.

We’ve just released the v1.5 update bringing you a bunch of new content. A new map, new gamemodes with respawns (for the first time), many new pickups (RPG, grenade launcher attachment, flare gun, colored smoke grenades, new gun models), and plenty of performance improvements and bugfixes.

You can find more information about the v1.5 update here.

If you have any feedback regarding the latest update, be sure to let us know in our official discord.
We’re still looking into balancing the m203 and rpg-7.

What can we expect in v1.6?

  • New animation system / running and crawling animations

  • Blood decals

  • At least 2 new maps

  • Better lighting / realtime shadows

  • Audio rework on all existing maps

  • A complete new revisit to the visuals of the existing maps

  • More players slots in Operations lobbies and other improvements

  • New models for the commando 522, AK12 and G3

  • Newly reworked and improved scopes

Community spotlight.

The Irish Guerrilla
showcasing the New ForceTubeVR

We're proud to announce that Onward will natively support ForceTubeVR !
The ForceTubeVR is a force feedback module featuring impact simulation/kick and rumble effects for a perfect recoil simulation and increased immersion for Onward.


In this clip, XdreadedmikeX takes the win by knifing a loud player in the new GunGame gamemode.


Take a look at the beautifully crafted video by Cam.b!

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This was the monthly sitrep for February!

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