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Welcome to our thirteenth sitrep!

In this months sitrep we’ll be going over the status of our remaining maps, Onwards future development roadmap, new content coming in update v1.7, custom maps support, and QA testers for the Quest!

Report on of the last couple of weeks.

  • The Downpour team has mainly been working on gameplay stability, fixing recently introduced issues (like inconsistent frag and flash grenades, crouching, and spectator bugs), and focusing on map performance. A hotfix will be coming later today to address many of these problems and deliver a smoother playing experience.

  • Big memory improvements will be coming in a patch in 1-2 weeks, and should help alleviate crashes when loading into maps. Texture memory has been a major area of needed improvement in Onward since it’s release, and we’ve been working on methods to optimize how we manage it. We are improving this issue by implementing better compression and texture loading management, and these will greatly reduce RAM usage in game.

  • Lastly, a status update on our remaining maps! From a design perspective most of our unreleased maps are ready to go, however we still need to optimize our maps a bit more, so that the game runs smoothly. Our biggest performance cost on these maps are high draw calls. Essentially the more textures, materials and shaders we use per map, the more drawcalls we incur. We are working on minimizing the amount of different materials/shaders by atlasing textures, as well as utilizing new batching techniques such as GPU instancing. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay on these maps, but we assure you we are working to get them to you guys asap! A lot of these performance improvements will be relevant to the community as well, once release custom map support. We will share our findings, so that custom content creators can also make great performing maps.

If you missed the changelogs of our previous Reloaded update, please head over to our steam page. Here you can find details on both the v1.6 reloaded update and the follow-up patches that came after.

Check out our new v1.6 update trailer! In the Reloaded update, we've completely revamped the lighting, textures, and graphics in all our maps. Download and play v1.6 today!
For more information head to :


High Level Onward Roadmap.

This development timeline will give you a general idea of what’s coming to Onward.


(The time moves from left to right. Dates are left out intentionally.)

Are you ready for Turbine?

What will we see in Update v1.7?

Update v1.7 is still in development, but we thought it would be good to share some of the major additions and improvements coming. It’s going to add several highly anticipated features and changes.

Update V1.7 Main Additions :

  • Revamped AI and new Co-op mode

  • Custom map support

  • An XP system and player ranks.

  • Unlockable weapon camo skins.

  • New after-action report, that shows your personal and team stats in lobby.

  • Revamped main menu.

  • Revamped tutorial.

  • New angled sights and remade holographic sight models.

  • New models for grenades.

  • New models for the G3A3 and 552.

  • New drivable drone for the VOLK faction.

  • The ability to freely host social gamemodes in a private lobby.

Mouse over the picture above for more information.


Custom Map Support

Ever thought about playing Onward in any map you could imagine? Do you want to build your own realistic, mil-sim oriented map? It’s time for you to polish your Unity map making skills, because you’ll soon be able to create your own maps for Onward. Custom map support is in progress, and will be available later this year!

We’ll reveal more info about how the Custom maps will work but we can state the following facts :

  • It will be supported on both the Steam and Oculus Home store versions of Onward.

  • The maps will support official Onward gamemodes, social modes, and potentially custom modes.

Downpour is hiring QA Quest testers!

We’ll be needing QA testers for the Quest in the future, and want to open a signup form. Are you interested in joining our Quest QA testers? Please fill out this form!


Community spotlight.


ProTubeVR : New Controller Mounts and ForceTubeVR on Quest!


ForceTubeVR is now works on the Oculus Quest. We have a demo app available on SideQuest. Be sure to give it a try!


ProTubeVR has been working on designing and producing new mounts for Oculus Quest (now availible), RiftS and Valve Index. A mounting tutorial video is available to show you precisely how to assemble your Knuckles cups.


Mamut : Mamut Apto gunstock hits retail!


Mamut VR's new Magnet stock Apto, redesigned from the ground up for injection molded plastic, making it highly configurable and light, has now finished and is available on their webshop for immediate dispatch with free shipping worldwide. Available as an universal set supporting Index- / Rift- / Rift S- / Quest- / Wand-controllers.


Merch Store.

Want to support us and get some Onward gear? check out our merch store!

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This was the monthly sitrep for August!

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