Hey guys, MrDeath here!

Welcome to our tenth sitrep!

In this sitrep we’ll show you a glimpse of what’s coming in our v1.6 Pretty Update. We’ll be teasing some of our updated maps and equipment and will showcase some recent videos from the community.

The upcoming update v1.6 AKA “the pretty update”

We’ve been going full steam ahead with the v1.6 content update and as it’s release date draws closer we can’t wait to see your responses to all the new improvements. We’ve been going through all the maps to give them a new fresh look.


Concept images of Abandoned and Quarantine.


These following two slideshows are in engine screenshots of the WIP lighting and textures!

(The foliage is still placeholder)

Here are some examples of the upcoming models.


Improved eyes for the player models.


The following screenshots are from the new WIP Killhouse course in the shootingrange.


The v1.6 update will contain these major features :

  • New animation system, improved running animation and a new crawling animation

  • More realistic eyes on the player models

  • Blood decals

  • New map : Turbine

  • Better lighting / realtime shadows

  • Performance improvements

  • Audio rework on all existing maps

  • A complete new revisit to the visuals of the existing maps

  • More players slots in Operations lobbies and many other improvements

  • New models for the AK12, and M16A4

  • New model for the watch, plus the option to have it on your underside of your wrist

  • New red dot sights, Aimpoint and PKA-S

  • Newly reworked and improved scopes

  • Equipment : Ammo box for support classes

  • A new killhouse course in the Shootingrange

  • Better support for WMR controllers

  • Improved AI and more additions to COOP

VR League - Dante Buckley Interview

The VR League sat down with Dante Buckley, creator of Onward and founder of Downpour Interactive to hear changed in Onward since the VR League season 2 finals and what he looks forward to in 2019!

Community spotlight.


ProTubeVR’s new force feedback recoil kit goes live on kickstarter! - ‘ForceTubeVR’

The ForceTubeVR features impact simulation/kick and rumble effects. It uses a proper wireless communication gateway which allows signal transmissions from computer or game console.

ForceTubeVR is already compatible with each of the following Hardware:
- HTC Vive
- Oculus Rift CV1, S and the future Oculus Quest
- Acer/Lenovo
- Samsung Odyssey
- Pimax 8k, 5k+

ForceTubeVR is likely to get future console HMD compatibility, however it will depends according to the crowdfunding results. We are here raising money on Kickstarter to step up on the industrial side and provide the best VR experience ever made.

Are you interested and would you like to help ProTubeVR make this product possible? make sure to pledge your part in their Kickstarter!

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This was the monthly sitrep for April!

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