Community contest!


Get your asses in gear for the Community Contest!


Welcome to our second Community Contest!

Last sitrep, we announced the 2nd Community Contest! In this contest we task you to think and report new and exciting locations for uplink objectives and spawn locations on both the uplink and assault gamemodes. To give you an idea of what the current locations already are, here’s a google drive link with all the maps with their current locations : [click here]

The goal of this contest is for us to add in new interesting spawn and objective locations reported from the community, especially our competitive community, into existing maps. You guys have thousands of hours in game with plenty of experience, and your suggestions on balanced objectives and spawns will make Onwards gameplay even better.

You have until November 15th to submit your objective and spawn locations! Winners will receive not only Onward gear like these dogtags, Onward Velcro patches, and an Onward shirt, but they will get their submitted objective locations implemented into the game as well! (We’ll select multiple winners depending on the quality of submissions and if the locations are balanced enough!)

Email your submissions to with attached maps showing locations and their spawns.
Winners will be announced early December!


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