Hey guys, MrDeath here!

Welcome to our fifth sitrep! In this sitrep we'll talk about the release of update v1.4, CALL TO ARMS event announcement, Onward Merch store and what’s to come to Onward.

Update v1.4 released.

This update contains lots of new content and features! We gave the UI a fresh redesign, added several new pickups and features (C4, molotov, new pistol, pistol attachments), a new adrenaline-inducing gamemode named ‘Spec Ops’, reworked the Subway map to include new entrances for better map balance and more!

After releasing the v1.4 update, we decided to revert the update due the amount of issues it included. After working hard on fixing those issues, we re-released the update on Wednesday!

CALL TO ARMS! Charity streaming event.


We're proud to announce we'll be partnering with, Offworld Industries, and Periscope Games to bring you a day of FPS action! Featuring Squad, Post Scriptum, and Onward, this Veteran's Day, Sunday, November 11, from 1 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time is our chance to give back to the veterans that dedicated their lives to service.

Join us on the stream or Donate now!"

Merch Store.

Many of you asked either for the possibility to buy an Onward shirt or to support us in a way, so we’ve launched an Onward merch store!

Click HERE for the merch store.

The future of Onward.

We’re still working hard on getting new content out for you to enjoy. We’re planning on releasing the next update before we approach the end of this year!

What is planned for this update:

  • At least one new gamemode (which will be an objective based respawn gamemode)

  • RPG

  • M203 40mm grenade and launcher with the option to use smoke rounds

  • Better hands models and animations

  • Big performance boosts

  • We’ll be updating to Unity version 2018

  • Two new maps (you might want to bring some warm clothing!)

Things to expect later:

  • Better lighting

  • Workshop support

  • A lot more!

This was the monthly sitrep for November!

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