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Welcome to our seventh sitrep! In this sitrep we'll talk about how game modes are going to be set up in update v1.5, a look back at 2018, and a look at some exciting stuff coming from the community.

A peek into update v1.5

We’re really excited about bringing new ways to play to Onward in v1.5, and in order to do so, we’re changing things up a little -

The PVP gamemodes that have been included in Onward since launch (Uplink and Escort) are now what we’ll be referring to as core gamemodes. Core gamemodes bring the classic Onward milsim-esque experience that our playerbase knows and loves, with tough and challenging gameplay tailored for players that want a hardcore experience. We’ve been working on a new core gamemode to add to that roster in v1.5 which we’ll give some more information about closer to launch of the update. This is the gamemode that we’ve previously teased, it’s a challenging objective based gamemode with respawns and we think you guys will really enjoy it.

Now that we’ve explained what core gamemodes are in Onward, it’s time to talk about the other end of the spectrum. Onward has always been a great provider of challenging and high-stakes gameplay, but we appreciate that from time to time our players would like to play a slightly more experimental and relaxed Onward experience (an example being the recent Spec Ops mode). We’ve been hard at work reworking the game to allow us to rapidly prototype and develop brand new gamemodes (including Free for All modes). These modes we’ve created are a little different than the core Onward gameplay, so we’re going to be dubbing these social gamemodes.

To support all these new gamemodes, and to ensure that the game doesn’t get divided too much amongst our playerbase, we’re moving to a rotating playlist-based approach for the social modes. The social option on the main menu will let our players play the new social modes, which will feature a different one on a bi-weekly basis (every 2 weeks). This will allow us to potentially introduce new modes in the future and make changes to the ones we have, based on player feedback.

The core option will feature the core modes (Uplink, Escort and the new respawn-based mode) and the co-op option will let users play the co-op VS AI Operations modes we currently have in the game.

The visuals in the video above are still work in progress.

A look back at 2018.


The start of 2018

Update v1.1 arrived with multiple patches.

  • Added VR spectating for regular lobbies.

  • Added Desktop spectating for competitive lobbies.

  • Added the heavy soldier to Operations.

  • Expanded operations across all maps.

Animated GIF-downsized_large (1).gif
Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

JANUARY 10th 2018

We posted a infographic of what happened up util the beginning of 2018.

It can be viewed here.


May 26th 2018

Update v1.2 was released!

  • Improved the lighting.

  • Re-worked the inventory/equipment system, making items and weaponry shareable with your teammates. And giving much more freedom overall.

  • improved the anti-cheat.

  • Added TAR-21.

  • Replaced the M9, M1014 and G36c models with in-house created ones.

  • Added multiplayer free roam lobbies.

  • Updated to Unity 2017.3

  • Added two new maps, Bazaar(night) and Cargo.

  • Added dogtags on the lobby table as a tribute to fallen Onward player.


June 14th 2018

Announced the VRML & ESL Invitational 2018. Ran by VR League (Oculus and ESL), in collaboration with VRML! Where the top 4 teams compete from the Round Robin stage of the ProTubeVR & VR Cover Championship.
Globochem left the battlefield as a winner!


august 25th 2018

Update v1.3 was released!

  • New map : Abandoned

  • Bipods

  • Stun gun and Hack-able tablets

  • Drones

  • Improved the tablet models


september 2-3 2018

The Onward World Finals Invitational Qualifier was held in Leicester, UK. Where the four teams ranked 4 through 7 in the overall worldwide standings were invited to participate in a double-elimination bracket. This is where SMC Tactical has become the final Onward team to secure a spot at the grand final that will be held at Oculus Connect 5!


september 25-26th 2018

Downpour Interactive went to San Jose for the grand finals that were held at Oculus Connect 5.
The top 4 teams fought hard for first place and the VRML team Beginners took that spot after a very exciting play against Globochem!

After meeting tons of Onward fans and trying out several demos, we all went to the after party hosted by VRespawn where we got blown away by how awesome this party was set up.

Thanks to PooNanners and StealthShampoo AKA DJNICKY for making this possible!


october 27th 2018

Update v1.4 was released!

  • Added Spec Ops gamemode.

  • Added pistol attachments.

  • Added C4 .

  • Added Molotov grenade.

  • Changed the weapons to allow multiple attachments.

  • Reworked the UI.

  • Improved the SA80 model.

  • Revamped and improved the Subway map.

Downpour interactive team

Downpour has grown a lot since 2018 and we really think you'll like what we've been working on. Last year was a splendid year, and we look forward to an even more amazing 2019. We’re proud to have such an amazing community, Here’s to all of you!

Community spotlight.


Onward Rookie Bootcamp & AltspaceVR

A group of Onward league players have formed a community to help rookies get into the game. They have an active discord (Onward Rookie Bootcamp) where new players can ask for help and get training from experienced veterans. ORB put together a Rookie tournament to show off their new skills and get a taste of playing in a league match.

The Hive is a VR talk show, produced inside VR, and they are hosting the tournament inside Altspace, a great VR and 2D social platform. How will this work? A match will be streamed live and fed inside of Altspace. The Hive team have recreated the Onward map, Suburbia, in Altspace so the audience can join in VR, check out the map, and watch the live stream of the rookie tournament. SL33PY, TFH, and Nightfiree will be hosting and casting the tournament together with the help of other VR Master League casters and cameramen to bring you all the action, and explain the nuances of this tactical, squad-based VR FPS.

This will also be livestreamed, so people can watch a livestream of people in VR watching a livestream of people playing Onward. VR-ception much?!?

You can watch the tournament on The Hive VR’s YouTube channel or get into Altspace and join the live event as a part of the interactive audience.


Onward VR Master League season 7.

VRML is happy to announce Onward's 7th Season which is planned as such:

  • Jan 14th: Season Start

  • Feb 11th to 24th: Button Cup (1)

  • March 4th to 10th: All-Star Tournament

  • March 18th to 31st: Button Cup (2)

  • April 28th: Season End

  • May 4th-5th: Challenger Cup

  • May 11th-12th: Round-robin

  • May 18th-19th: Semis-Finals

Season will last 15 weeks (14 active weeks). With this planning, we're estimating that each teams "should" be playing 1 "repeat-match" (as much as possible) in their respective MMR range. The Button Cup was so much fun, having 2 in one season might allow for a "rematch".

For the All-star tournament we will have key league players creating their own rosters (can't pick a player from their team). We're hoping we can also have a "Rookies All-star Tournament" as well (in parallel). We're also thinking of bringing on new Onward game modes (for fun and promotion) during that event (if it's ready).

The future of Onward.

After we release update v1.5, we’ll immediately continue work on v1.6, which will be known as the ‘Pretty Update’.

The main features coming to v1.6 :

  • Better lighting

  • Workshop support

  • Ranking

Merch Store.

Many of you asked either for the possibility to buy an Onward shirt or to support us in a way, so we’ve launched an Onward merch store!

Click HERE for the merch store.

This was the monthly sitrep for January!

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